At the time I sit down to write this, 22 people have been victims of homicide in Richmond, VA thus far in 2021. Gun violence killed the majority of them. One of the dead is my nephew.


My nephew is dead.

Right now, he is dead.

He was

They don’t get it

Aint lived it or died it or thought they were dying while they lived it suspected they might already been dead from it had friends die of it have friends dying bout it

Ain’t never woke up on the Honor Roll wondering if today was the…

For J.H. and C.M. and my students

Who are apologies for? I ask this question in ethics classes. My students and I have discussions about things like why people apologize, how, and when — especially the when, timing matters in apologies.

In the recent months, three groups I have some history with or current stakes in have…

Photo by Jeremy Paige on Unsplash

The recent Lifetime documentary, Surviving R. Kelly, has sparked conversations about the normalization of sexual predation and the grooming of children by adults in our culture on social media that I have been teaching about in college courses for the last decade. Years ago, before I started teaching about these…

V. D. James

a creative and an academic with diverse interests in writing, art, personal style, and activism.

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